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march din dins

Don’t be chicken!

Sunday 29th cooking class and Dinner with Boondockers Farm

We tend to duck things we fear.  We dismiss chicken as boring, but maybe that's because we don't know what to do with something as principal as a whole chicken?  

March’s din dins, Saturday March 28th and Sunday, March 29th, aim to redefine our relationship with the bird. 

One weekend each month, they host a public supper club at din din’s home at 920 NE Glisan Street. 

It’s like a dinner party, but with strangers!  Everyone arrives at the same time and is served the same menu. Enjoy conscientiously sourcing local ingredients which allows us them to write harmonious, composed menus in the French tradition with which they pair wine and spirits. What din din loves about food is its role in gathering everyone in celebration.  They want to welcome you to a true occasion which they endeavor to with a hosting style somewhere between elegant and tongue-in-cheek.

don’t be chicken! :
whole chicken cooking class with Boondockers Farm

2 to 5pm
$150 for hands on cooking class and six course supper with wine
$180 with a whole chicken to take home 

Sunday afternoon, we’ll teach you how to make this meal from a whole chicken. 

We will teach you about the various heritages and ages of chickens.  

Then we’ll step into the Din Din kitchen and learn how to butcher a chicken, how to make stock,

and how to perfectly cook a chicken breast and thigh. We’ll then sit to a Sunday supper and enjoy what we’ve cooked. 

This class is for both kinds of students—grab an apron and a knife and help us prepare the meal or tip a glass of wine and spectate. You can opt to purchase a whole chicken to take with you, and if you’d like to butcher it while you’re here, we’ll walk you through it. 

to make your rezzo, contact Din Din at 971.544.1350 

or (please include your phone number)

the menu

pastis chicken salad in endive leaf

pain d’épices with chicken liver mousse & brandied cherry
onion soup with hazelnut Dijon pistou
chicken à blanc with liver cream, poached pear, and fennel salmon salad
chicken confit with beurre cassis, cracklins and late treviso
white balsamic dressed heirloom greens
hazelnut panna cotta with Pinot Noir cherries

Don't be chicken-- join us!